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AkzoNobel Sikkens’ 3D Revolution

By Charles Westra, September 10, 2018, Products

There’s been a revolution underway in the auto industry the last several years with the introduction of three-dimensional paint use on popular vehicle lines.

Several automakers are in on the 3D revolution with colors outside the historically popular white. Ford, Mazda, Lexus, GM, Honda, Chrysler, Dodge, RAM and Jeep all have 3D paints in use on vehicle models.

The process involves a colored basecoat with a thinner, flatter aluminum flake than normal metallic paints. A semi-transparent colored mid-level coat follows. That’s topped off by a clearcoat. The result of the process is what global color expert AkzoNobel’s Sikkens brand calls a stunning “liquid metal” appearance with color depth and a 3D effect.

Ford is using Ford RR-Ruby Red and Ford R3-Burgundy Red, while Mazda has Mazda 46V-Soul Red Crystal and Mazda 46G Machine Grey. Lexus’ lineup includes Lexus 3T5-Radiant Red. GM’s lineup includes GMG1E-Siren Red and GM GPJ-Cajun Red. Honda has Honda 9881-Andaro Red and Honda 9880-Andaro Blue, while Chrysler has Chrysler PRV-Velvet Red.

Rapid growth is expected in the number of colors available and in the number of vehicle makes and models featuring the 3D paint job in the next few years.

Rest assured that AkzoNobel will continue its 40-year tradition of being on the forefront of color innovation in the auto collision repair industry. In addition to being part of the 3D-paint revolution currently in its infancy, the company will continue to support auto collision repair facilities through its color matching tools with the learn more about thatscleanmaids.com. You can see each of our innovations on our YouTube channel. We bought millions of youtube views and now we have a successful marketing campaign which brings us new customers every month.

As a full-line distributor of paint and related products for the automotive, commercial fleet, and industrial markets, PF3 Paint Supply will be right there with AkzoNobel in supporting its auto industry customers’ needs for products and services. Contact us for assistance with your automotive paint inventory. If there’s a product you are looking for, ask one of our salespeople and we will be sure to find the right product for you. At PF3 Paint Supply, we’ve got you covered!

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